Tenets of Madhwa Shastra

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  1. S RAGHU says:

    Excellent information on auspicious day.

  1. June 29, 2016

    […] It was very widely known that Sri VijayIndra tIrtha had learnt the 64 arts from Sri vyAsa tIrtha and mastered them. This fact acted as a magnet to people from different walks of life like painters, sculptors, musicians, dancers, weavers, potters, and so on. Some came to show their expertise to Sri VijayIndra tIrtha and earn his blessings and patronage. Others came to challenge him in their respective arts and prove their superiority. No matter what the original intention was, people always returned with awe and wonder in their heart after personally witnessing his mastery over their specific area of expertise. The reference book “Ajaya VijayIndraru” provides many illustrations of such contests. To know about the 64 vidyas “click here” […]

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